Benefits for Medical and

Nursing Personnel

Cubile optimizes information and time management in daily clinical and nursing routine based on automated health data assessment. As a result, the staff is supported by facilitating clinical decision-making and documentation.


Cubile reduces costs by providing early detection and reporting of potential harm. Staff is informed by receiving health data information in real time. Time-consuming and often unnecessary ward rounds can thus be avoided. As a result, the nursing staff may focus on those patients who require more support.

"Cubile captures health data where none were available before. We do not want to replace conventional monitoring systems, but ideally-complement them."

- Michael Memelink

  Medical computer scientist

  and CTO CubileHealth

Benefits for Patients

Cubile collects health data without affecting the patient. In contrast to classic monitoring devices, the mere patient‘s presence in bed is sufficient to wirelessly and continuously monitor their health status.


Cubile detects risk of patient harm early and can prevent serious injuries, which may result from falls or bed sores.


Unnecessary disturbance during the night can be avoided as healthcare staff is always informed about the current health condition of the patient.


Thereby, the recovery and wellbeing of the patient is actively supported.

"Cubile guarantees an undisturbed sleep. It provides peace of mind by assuring that the healthcare staff is informed when their health status changes."

- Stefanie M.


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