Problems prevented by Cubile


Acute Health Deterioration

Vital Signs Monitoring

Vital signs provide reliable information of a person’s health status, especially relevant for an early identification of an upcoming crisis.

CubileHealth introduces an early warning system based on a continuous vital-sign-monitoring without cables and spot checks.


Injuries from Falls

Bed-Exit Alarm System

Injuries from falls are the highest reported Patient-Safety-Events. 85% of patient falls occur in patient rooms near the bed, especially when going to the restroom. 

 CubileHealth introduces a reliable bed-exit system, designed to create maximum safety, without limiting the patient’s freedom. 


Pressure Ulcers

In-Bed Mobility Monitoring

Pressure ulcers significantly increase the chance of infection and mortality. They also lead to longer hospital stays and raised costs.

CubileHealth introduces a precise in-bed mobility monitoring system providing individualized reminders for patient repositioning to prevent bedsores. 

Cubile Health Monitoring System keeps clinical personnel informed and alerted upon need.