What is Cubile?

Cubile is a continuous patient monitoring system. It unobtrusively collects health data,  such as breathing and heart rates, as well as data for the prevention of falls and pressure sore injuries. The data is acquired using an in-bed sensor pad and is transmitted to mobile devices.


Cubile creates a smart hospital bed, which operates as an assistance system for the health-care staff. Cubile provides a safe environment for patients, reduces anxiety and stress, while also optimizing resource use.

Cubile visualizes health data in real-time

Heart rate

Breathing rate

Bed exit *

Mobility *



(as from 2019)

modular add-ons

Renal monitoring

(as from 2019)


(as from 2019)

* Supports the prevention of falls and bedsores.

The continuous heart and breath rate monitoring helps to detect pain, fever or sleep disorders. Cubile also supports fall and decubitus prevention providing customizable bed exit alerts and patient mobility information.

Cubile identifies risks to prevent crises.

Cubile is

unobtrusive, invisible

and continuous.

Cubile saves time, increases safety and optimizes resources.

Cubile increases personal freedom and protects privacy.


is a

certified medical device.

"Cubile supports the medical staff, detects health risks in a timely manner and helps to ensure the optimum quality of care."

- Dr. Johannes Hilbe

  Founder and

  COO of CubileHealth

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Grabenweg 72

6020 Innsbruck, Austria

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