How does Cubile work?

The Cubile sensor pad is placed under a patient‘s mattress detecting slightest pressure changes. High precision sensors convert these changes into signals, generating motion and vital sign data by using Ballistocardiography  1 .

These health data are then visualized on mobile devices and PCs. Cubile detects dangerous situations before they occur and transfers notifications to the nurse call system.


The automated collection and documentation of health data provides hospitals and nursing homes with a tool that increases the quality of care while saving resources.


1 Pinheiro, Eduardo, Octavian Postolache, and Pedro Girão: Theory and developments in an unobtrusive cardiovascular system representation: ballistocardiography.

     The open biomedical engineering journal 4 (2010): 201.

Overview of a hospital ward equipped with Cubile

Live data



simple but effective traffic light system

Individually configurable

Mobile devices



Cubile actively supports nursing care, diagnostics and therapy tasks. It is intended to be used in hospitals and nursing homes. Cubile is available in three different modules:

Bed exit


Heart rate

Breathing rate

Mobile devices

Nurse call system integration





Add-ons as from 2019

Cubile is compatible with

Measuring the amount of urine on patients wearing a permanent catheter with automatic documentation

Detecting bed wetness with instant alarm

"Cubile supports the medical and nursing staff by combining cutting-edge monitoring with data analysis - thus increasing the quality of health care and diagnostics."

- DDr. Karl Fritscher

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  Founder of CubileHealth

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