24/7 heart & lung vital sign data, including movement and bed exit information, is collected via an in-bed monitoring system that is invisible, touchless, and highly integrated.

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  • Non-obtrusive
  • No direct contact with the patient


  • Placed under the mattress
  • No straps, belts or electrodes


  • 24/7
  • Autonomous


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 The electronics-free Cubile SensorPad is placed under a mattress. The pad is connected via a thin air-hose. Using specifically developed hard- and software, the CubileHub monitors pulse, breathing rate, movement, and bed exit status of a person lying in bed. Via WI-FI, or Ethernet, the collected data is transferred in real-time to PC workstations, tablets, or smartphones running CubileView and/or CubileControl software.

In addition,  CubileHub also sends notifications to CubileView and CubileControl instances if user-defined limits for pulse- and breathing rate are exceeded. It also notifies users in case a person leaves  the bed. Finally, CubileHub also actively supports decubitus prophylaxis by sending notifications when a patient needs to be repositioned.


Two interface versions are available: CubileControl - for full flexibilty, and CubileView - for only essential information.


CubileControl provides an interface to visualize the data coming from an arbitrary number of Cubile Sensor Systems - CubileHubs. Being available for IOS, Android, and UWP, current patient status, as well as trend data can be visualized in an intuitive way. In addition, it provides functionality to manage and configure the Cubile Monitoring System by e.g. editing patient master data, or by specifing limits for notifications. Individualized alerts can be triggered by monitoring devices of your choice and the nurse call system.


Being an optional accessory for the CubileHealth Monitoring System, CubileView provides an interface to visualize data provided by CubileHubs, without the configuration functionality. By this means, the risk to unintentionally change patient specific data and settings is removed, while still providing the same valuable information as the CubileControl.  Due to this read-only capability, CubileView is available via Android, iOs and UWP app stores. 

(1)    CubileControl includes the device/patient management and the notification management, whereas CubileView has  the 'viewing only' option, without the management functionality.